Multi-Purpose Insect Killer / Fly Catcher – FL 200

Multi-Purpose Insect Killer / Fly Catcher – FL 200

Introducing the Sixer Fly Catcher: Your Efficient Insect Eliminator!

The Sixer Fly Catcher is a cutting-edge fly catcher machine that harnesses the power of UV light to efficiently and hygienically trap and eliminate flying insects. Designed with precision and performance in mind, this device is the ideal solution for keeping your home, office, restaurant, or any indoor space free from bothersome flies.

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Incredible Benefits

Long Life Battery

Ultra-Violet Attraction

Lures insects with UV light for effective trapping.

Excellent Service

High-Efficiency Fan

Ensures quick and quiet capture of flying pests.

Non-Toxic Solution

Eco-friendly and safe for indoor use.

Large Coverage Area

Wide reach to target multiple insects at once

Easy Cleanup

Removable tray for effortless disposal of trapped insects


Low power consumption for cost-effective operation

Multi Purpose Fly Catcher 200


Introducing Vanismart Multipurpose Insect Killer, also known as the fly catcher – a silent and effective bug eliminator. Its 360-degree mosquito suction ensures a safe environment from diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Energy-efficient, durable, and low operating costs make it a standout choice. Get yours now and enjoy a mosquito-free living!

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