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Mosquito Killer

Vanismart - Advanced Technology Mosquito Killer

Mosquitoes, even in dark, can easily locate where a person is by sensing carbon dioxide and temperature that he/she sheds. Also, they react extremely sensitively to near ultraviolet Light.

Using these properties of Mosquitoes, photo catalyst Mosquito trap can decoy and capture Mosquitoes in Dark indoors. Mosquito trap uses semi permanent material which can be very easily handled. It does not require any exchange of chemical.
It Completely eco friendly and Safe.
Decoyed Mosquitoes enter into the exterminator through the capture windows on the upper part, and then are strongly drawn into the capture net on the lower part. Once they are drawn into the capture net, they cannot fly away upwards due to the strong DC motor of the ventilator.

Features Mosquito Killer

Vanismart Mosquito Killer is 3 In 1 Mosquito trap. It is a Night lamp (2) Air purifier (3) Mosquito trap.

It consumes very Less Power about 2 Unit/ Month.

It works on the principle of attraction of Mosquitoes, particularly females, with creation of an atmosphere imitating/mimicking human skin.

No Involvement of chemicals.

It looks like an attractive night lamp.

Photo catalytic reaction takes place when the light reacts with coating on inner wall of the machine. Resulting in generation of very less heat and less Moisture. Due to this, the Mosquito is attracted by the machine and trapped inside.

Mosquitoes are sucked by strong Vacuum fan and trapped inside the closed Mesh.

Mosquito Killer